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who we are

In boxing, a brawler is a fighter who stands face-to-face with their opponent, they keep moving forward, they never back down. Their skills are often underestimated, but brawlers develop nuanced strategies from fighting up close. They see unorthodox angles and use them to their advantage. A brawler is resilient.

We rise above circumstances and seeming limitations. We push forward in the face of doubts from others, and sometimes from ourselves. We use challenges to our advantage. We recognize when to fight, when to flow and when to just be. We get up for ourselves, so we can stand up for the collective. We believe in the uniqueness of the journey. We respect the paths of others. We believe in action and action now. We do the right thing, even when doing nothing might be easier. It is with these beliefs that we set out to move the masses. We want the world to be inspired.

Be Relentless With Life. That’s What We Believe, That’s Who We Are.   

 the workouts

BRWL Studio offers a fun but challenging workout experience that pairs boxing and yoga-based workouts with a hip-hop swagger. We challenge you and help you reach your fitness goals through group workouts, personal training, and small group training.


A 45-minute workout of boxing to the beat of a BRWL curated playlist. A BRWL instructor will lead you through combinations that pair perfectly to beats. Designed to challenge you not only physically, but also mentally and possibly emotionally. Come ready to let the music inspire you and the workout move you.


Our signature class – BX+ZN is an intense 60-minute workout in a heated room to a hip-hop beat. Your Instructor will guide you through the intensity of the fight with 30 minutes of shadowboxing, then follow it up with 30 minutes of yoga that will give you a new appreciation for the yoga mat. It’ll be tough, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.


In Just BRWL, we throw hands and you’ll feel all 60 minutes of it. An Instructor will lead you through a sweaty workout that incorporates heavy bag work, floor exercises and weights to build endurance and strength, while training boxing techniques.


In this 60-minute heated yoga class, the Instructor will guide you through challenging sequences as you flow with each breath. This class features a curated playlist and asanas that’ll take your strength, flexibility and fitness to another level.



A high-energy Vinyasa flow that links body movements with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to a soulful dope playlist. This 60-minute class will leave you feeling energized.





This 60-minute yoga class moves at a slow, but intense pace. The Instructor will guide you through a yin flow, with postures designed to reach and relax those tight tissues and muscles. This class will show you how serious we are when we say dig deep. You’ll leave feeling like you can conquer the world!

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