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about us

In boxing a brawler is relentless fighter who never gives up. Our name BRWL comes from the phrase “Be Relentless With Life”. This means to be relentless in the pursuit of your goals no matter the challenges you come up against. The trainers at BRWL know how to help you fight to become the best version of yourself and meet your fitness goals.

The Studio

BRWL Studio provides you with premium amenities, high-end facilities, and the best trainers to motivate you during your workout. When complete, our permanent space will be equipped with a boxing room and a hot yoga studio, a personal training area, and a lounge area. Our studio is a place to workout, then hangout.

BRWL Studio offers an authentic sense of community and camaraderie, providing a challenging yet approachable fitness experience that infuses the high energy of boxing with the calm of yoga in a way that is both physically and mentally enriching.

The Location

BRWL Studio is located in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ, just two blocks from the Highland Train Station on the Midtown Direct Line. The location provides easy access from various towns in Essex County and Northern New Jersey. Our studio occupies newly renovated space in a historic building complex that was one of the 34 hat factories that made Orange, NJ the hat-making capital of the world in the mid and late 1800s. This former factory complex is now home to condominiums, retail spaces, and artists studios. Other nearby businesses include: Libretti’s, the long-standing Italian restaurant; a micro-brewery; a commercial kitchen for culinary start-ups; the Valley Arts organization, and much more.

The Synergies of Boxing and Yoga

Boxing and Yoga together are a winning combination. While on the surface, yoga and boxing seem like completely different disciplines, they are surprisingly complementary. Research indicates that both boxing and yoga:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve breath control
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Enhance strength

At BRWL, we creatively co-mingle these disciplines in a way that will make it a unique experience. You will leave our workouts feeling accomplished and ready to BRWL.